Hello World

Hello World! I am Evren Bal and I am glad to welcome you to my blog.

Hello World

It’s a common practice to start any programming language with a “Hello World” example. It is also a perfect starting to say the world “Hello” when starting a blog.

Although I am blogging for a long time, all my previous posts were in Turkish and this is the first one that is actually in English. In usually blog about development & technology that in the Turkish version and probably will follow the same in English. Basically, the content will be about programming languages, server administration, DevOps, different types of design and even about Artificial intelligence. Briefly I will blog about all topics that I enjoy to create, research and experiment.

Maintaining two languages will be more difficult, and I am deeply in a Turkish speaking community, however I will try my best to post English content frequently.

I am glad to welcome you to my blog!

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Evren Bal

I am Evren BAL

I've been an ‘Internet Creature’ since 1996!

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